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Typically if we post a Best Of, Compilation or Collector's Edition it means that it is the only thing we have from a particular artist that has the Back Jam on it. Well, this case is no different but we took the initiative to go out and get the full Poison Discography so that we could include the original album Open Up and Say...Ahh! along with the Poison Collector's Edition.

We missed posting this for Bret Michaels' birthday so we figured we were okay since he wasn't the only one in the group? As it turns out the band Poison consists of Bret Michaels, bassist Bobby Dall, drummer Rikki Rockett and guitarist C.C. DeVille. We personally missed the whole "glam rock" thing so all we about Bret Michaels we learned on VH1's Rock of Love, Rock of Love Bus and The Celebrity Apprentice. What we know about C.C. Deville we learned on Wikipedia and in The Surreal Life on VH1 but at least we know his birthday is May 4. The other two or three guys? Well you can look them up on Wikipedia as well but we didn't bother clicking the links but Rikki Rockett sounds like a bad porno name.

Following an intense debate about the use of It's and Its... Actually there wasn't much of a debate, we just asked Grammar Girl and she gave us this simple test. If you can replace it's in your sentence with it is or it has, then your word is it's; otherwise, your word is its.

It's is a contraction for it is or it has. Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it. Additionally there is absolutely, positively, no such word as its'. Got it?

Pop Quiz: "Milk It for All It's Worth" or "Milk It for All Its Worth"? Enjoy!

Tuesday Back Jam
1. Love on the Rocks 2. Nothin' But a Good Time 3. Back to the Rocking Horse 4. Good Love 5. Tearin' Down the Walls 6. Look But You Can't Touch 7. Fallen Angel 8. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 9. Your Mama Don't Dance (Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina) 10. Bad to Be Good 11. Livin for the Minute 12. World Premiere Interview







Disc: 1 1. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 2. Unskinny Bop 3. Life Goes On 4. Stand 5. I Want Action 6. Look What the Cat Dragged In 7. Blame It on You 8. Good Love 9. Until You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice) 10. Fallen Angel Disc: 2 1. Your Mama Don't Dance 2. Something to Believe In 3. I Won't Forget You 4. Nothin' But a Good Time 5. Ride the Wind 6. (Flesh and Blood) Sacrifice 7. Lay Your Body Down 8. Let It Play 9. Life Loves a Tragedy 10. Theatre of the Soul Disc: 3 1. Talk Dirty to Me 2. Look But You Can't Touch 3. So Tell Me Why 4. Love on the Rocks 5. Doin' as I See on My T.V. 6. Bad to Be Good 7. Cover of the Rolling Stone 8. Native Tongue 9. The Scream 10. Poor Boy Blues

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