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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 17:30

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Okay, so you never heard of The U-Krew? Well the U-Krew was an R&B/Hip-Hop/New Jack music quintet from Portland, Oregon that saw its greatest success in 1990. The members of the U-Krew were Kevin Morse (lead vocals), Larry Bell (Producer keyboard/drum programmer), Lavell Alexander, James McClendon, and Hakim Muhammad. They were originally billed as The Untouchable Krew when formed in October 1984.

After shortening their name to The U-Krew, the band released its only album in 1989, eponymously titled The U-Krew. The album peaked at #93 on the Billboard and included the hit singles If U Were Mine and Let Me Be Your Lover which reached number 21 and number 68 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990. The band never released another album.

So how is this a BACK JAM? Well we remember U-Krew and back when radio stations played more than just six artists and twelve songs they got a lot of play. Now this was the time when you could give a radio personality a couple of bucks with your album and get airplay and there 5 million independent record companies formed after seeing the movie Krush Groove.

Truth is we have been holding back posting U-Krew because we know they are a bit obscure but we posted Lo-Key? last week... Name two songs by them? Enjoy!

Tuesday Back Jam
1. Intro 2. If U Were Mine 3. Pump Me Up 4. Let Me Be Your Lover 5. Feel It 6. Rock That Shit 7. Pick Up the Pieces 8. All Night Lover 9. Angel 10. Get Ready 11. Ugly

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