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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 23:41

1983 , BACK JAM , R&B

Have we ever mentioned that we can't stand remakes? We miss the creativity of new things and generally don't need to see what was done before, we do however love, understand and have room for things reinvented in moderation or homage. Anyone who grew up with the harmonies and dance steps of groups like the Temptations, Contours, Miracles, Four Tops all know that style was later used by Jackson 5 and New Edition served as the group of my generation that was carrying that torch.

Of course New Edition is no stranger to samples and remakes Candy Girl (1983) sampled ABC by The Jackson 5 (1970), N.E. Heartbreak (1988) sampled This Place Hotel by The Jackson 5 (1980) but for us that kind of use is well within the lines of fair use.

What we can't tolerate is taking a picture that has already been framed, for us you can't paint the Mona Lisa again no matter how hard you try. The Paris Hotel and Casino Eiffel Tower just doesn't seem the same? Why do we say all of this? Why is this our choice for Tuesday Back Jam?

We recently came across Love on Top by Beyoncé and it was (like other Beyoncé videos) déjà vu and not the good kind like a Bruno Mars does Valarie by Amy Winehouse, it was the "DAMN WTF" kind. We'll let you Bing that video and then watch the real If It Isn't Love... You know what just skip that Beyoncé bullshit and go straight to the New Edition. Enjoy!

Tuesday Back Jam
1. Introduction 2. That's the Way We're Livin' 3. Where It All Started 4. If It Isn't Love 5. N.E. Heart Break 6. Crucial 7. You're Not My Kind of Girl 8. Superlady 9. Can You Stand the Rain 10. Competition 11. I'm Comin' Home 12. Boys to Men

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