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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 15:58

1997 , BACK JAM , R&B

We didn't say that we were posting this today but since nobody reads newsletters anyway we figured we could get away with it.

We were thinking about Jaimee Foxworth the other day and by that I mean watching porn (glad nobody reads this) but I assure you that it was only for research. At any reate we saw that she is attempting to start back up her music career. Yes, start back up before porn (Crave) and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Foxworth formed a short-lived musical group (named S.H.E.) with her two sisters.

Hits? No it didn't really produce any hits but there are some decent songs on here and we're the type to with the best in life for people. We're glad that she is moving on from porn and glad we have those old videos as research material should we require. Enjoy!

Tuesday Back Jam
1. In the Middle 2. I Wouldn't Take Her Back 3. My Secret Is 4. 24 Hours 5. I Can Do That (Interlude) 6. I'll Never Leave You 7. Player 8. Get Back With You 9. Summer Rain 10. Good Thing Going 11. Should I Tell Him? 12. I Can Do That

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