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Tuesday, 15 July 2008 05:00

2007 , REGGAE

1. Hello Lady Saw
2. Big Up
3. Me and My Crew (The Rae)
4. Silly Dreams
5. No Less Than a Woman (Infertility)
6. Not the World's Prettiest
7. You Need Me
8. Baby Dry Your Eyes
9. Walk Out
10. Chat to Mi Back
11. It's Like That
12. Power of the Pum
13. Like It
14. Stray Dog

Funny story. I'm driving one day and happen to catch an interview with Lady Saw, in the interview Lady Saw speaks of a feud with Patra because she stole the song "Romantic Call". Lady Saw claimed she first had a underground hit with the original version she called "Long Distance Call" and Patra simply changed one line and took the song mainstream. I remember Patra and that "hit" I must say 75% of the song appeal was Patra's raunchy ass and honestly in the video revolution at the time I don't think "Long Distance Call" by Lady Saw would have been a huge hit.

That being said Lady Saw is a raunchy ass herself but this album kind of seems to be a "coming of age" album. If you love dancehall check it out, if not you got some hopefully entertaining background.


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