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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:34


Okay, I will admit we've been a lot bit lazy with posts since we took our extended Christmas break. No worries though things could be worse, MYSIMYG is back next week with our regular Sunday Soul, Tuesday Back Jam, Saturday Soundtrack and more.

Speaking of "things could be worse" today is the anniversary of the series of earthquakes that devastated Haiti. We thought we'd post something that would reflect the things still going on in Haiti. Enjoy Haiti Rise.

1. Stefan Peninsilyn - Feelings Fi Di Haitians 2. Emrand Henry - Shaken But Not Broke 3. Nigel Lewis - Keep The Faith 4. Monty G - In This Time 5. Sherwin Gardner - God Can Restore Haiti 6. Leo-tan - Haiti Cries Out 7. Trinidad and Tobago Gospel Artists United - Rise Haiti Rise 8. Mr. Lynx - Not Forgotten 9. Roge Abergel and Kingdom Culture - Don't Cry 10. Dominic Balli, Speech - Bread for the Broken 11. Avion Blackman, Mark Mohr - Strength to Strength 12. Positive - I Will Survive 13. Jessy - Start Again 14. DJ Grace - God Is Still With You 15. 'Imisi - Don't Worry 16. Christafari - Hiding Place


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