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Okay, let me first say that I don't understand 90% of Salena's music but hen again initially neither did she so I guess it's okay. Though I don't understand I have found myself listening to her quite often, I used to know a young lady that loved Selena's music so I was frequently exposed. One day it occurred to me that she could be singing about hitting your man in the back of the head with a hammer and I was non the wiser so my paranoia brought all of that to an end.

I do know that La Leyenda is Legend but that's only because of Google Translator. At any rate here is La Leyenda a 4 CD set (though it's all .MP3's of course) celebrating the life, journey and music of Selena. Enjoy!

1. Amor Prohibido 2. Baila Esta Cumbia 3. La Carcacha 4. Besitos 5. Como La Flor 6. El Chico Del Apartamento 512 7. La Llamada 8. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 9. Quiero Ser 10. Si Una Vez 11. No Debes Jugar 12. Techno Cumbia 13. Costumbres 14. Fotos Y Recuerdos 15. No Quiero Saber 16. Enamorada De Ti 17. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon 18. Ya No 19. No Te Vayas 20. Amame 21. Aunque No Salga El Sol 22. Puede Ser (duet with Nando 'Guero' Dominguez) 23. Sukiyaki 24. Buenos Amigos (Alvaro Torres with Selena) 25. Contigo Quiero Estar 26. Amame, Quiereme 27. Ya Ves 28. Mentiras 29. La Tracalera 30. Cobarde 31. Si La Quieres 32. Tus Desprecios 33. Yo Te Sigo Queriendo 34. Ven Conmigo 35. Las Cadenas 36. Vuelve A Mi 37. Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti 38. Yo Te Amo (Live) 39. Yo Me Voy 40. Despues De Enero 41. Dame Un Beso 42. Tengo Ganas De Llorar 43. Tu Eres 44. Tu, Solo Tu 45. El Toro Relajo 46. Siempre Hace Frio 47. Que Creias 48. No Me Queda Mas 49. I Could Fall In Love 50. My Love 51. Missing My Baby 52. Captive Heart 53. I'm Getting Used To You 54. God's Child (Baila Conmigo) 55. Dreaming Of You 56. Wherever You Are (Donde Quiera Que Estes) 57. Only Love 58. A Million To One 59. Is It The Beat? 60. Where Did The Feeling Go? 61. A Boy Like That 62. Always Mine 63. I'm Getting Used To You (Def Club Mix) (Bonus) 64. Don't Throw Away My Love (Bonus) 65. Disco Medley (I Will Survive/Funkytown/Last Dance/The Hustle/On The Radio)(Live) 66. Amame, Quiereme/Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti (Live) 67. Amor Prohibido (Live) 68. Baila Esta Cumbia(Live) 69. No Me Queda Mas (Live) 70. El Chico Del Apartamento 512 (Live) 71. Si La Quieres (Live) 72. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (Live) 73. Si Una Vez (Live) 74. Ya Ves (Live) 75. Que Creias (Live) 76. Tus Desprecios (Live) 77. Cobarde (Live) 78. Techno Cumbia (Live) 79. La Carcacha (Live) 80. Ven Conmigo/Perdoname (Live) 81. Como La Flor (Live) 82. Como Te Extrano - Pete Astudillo (Bonus)


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