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Charice is one of those chicks who you may not know you know but if you know, you know you know. Right? You may know her best as the Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube but who you didn't really know until you saw her on Oprah. I could say more but you can but you can Bing like I can. I like using the Verb Bing better than Google but Bing SUCKS!!! If you do look her up you may want to try her given name "Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco" or "Charice Pempengco".

They say this is her debut but I guess they mean her international debut because she had CD also titled download Charice in 2008 and an album titled download My Inspiration in 2009. Her first two albums are PARI: Platinum by the way, I know that sounds good but it turns out PARI: Platinum certification only requires around 25,000 in sales. PARI is The Philippine Association of the Record Industry you can think of them as the RIAA of the Philippines. I suspect that there are TONS of little flip chicks with big voices, Philippine people L-O-V-E karaoke LOVE. Something tells me that with the Oprah bump she'll do just fine, I think she's on Oprah the week her album drops (that can't hurt). You'll see her on the RIAA charts soon.

1. Pyramid 2. Reset 3. In This Song 4. Nobody's Singin' To Me 5. Thank You 6. I Love You 7. In Love So Deep 8. All That I Need To Survive 9. Nothing 10. The Truth Is 11. Did It For You 12. Note To God

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