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Here's the deal. Are you ready for the deal? Ryan Leslie is that dude, he has that "Detroit ballroom scene" feel to his music and has had his hand on projects from Beyoncé to LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg and Keri Hilson. Ryan Leslie is for me no way a newcomer, earlier this year his self-titled debut album spawed the infectious hits How It Was Supposed To Be, Addiction, and Diamond Girl leading to award nominations for Best New Artist and Best Male R&B Artist. Why is he back already with his sophomore release?

Well here we are, nine months after Ryan Leslie dropped his long awaited debut album in February of 2009 and it's now November of 2009 and hes already delivered his sophomore set, Transition. While Transition does have a bit of the rushed vibe, it still doubles as a solid follow up to a great debut album from this longtime R&B producer turned singer/songwriter. The best thing about Transition, compared to his last album is that it sounds a lot more focused. It's kind of ironic how his near classic debut album took approximately four years to record and finally release, and now his sophomore album only took Nine months to record and release with no pushbacks. Thats the definition of being efficient.

SIMY actually has been up on Ryan Leslie for awhile and remembers him from his across the pond activities and though you probably have never seen (or heard) his unreleased album Just Right I know you have heard the song Used to Be featuring Fabolous, right? In late 2003, Leslie began recording his debut album entitled Just Right and released two singles The Way That U Move Girl and Used to Be. After working on the album for two years in 2005 Ryan had the album was ready to go but it was never officially released due to creative differences between Leslie and his record label. The song Used to Be was in 2007 added to an album titled Used to Be that mysteriously showed up with several of the songs that were to be included on Just Right with some other collaborations added in. If you already have Used to Be then Just Right may be a bit redundant to you but if you're a Ryan Leslie fan then Just Right is, well just right and Transition is a keeper. Sophomore album? Hardly but you'll enjoy it just the same.

1. Way That You Move Girl 2. Used To Be featuring Fabolous 3. Just Right 4. Taste For Your Love 5. My Everything 6. Pleaze Pleaze Pleaze 7. Over Easy 8. Lay U Down 9. Missin' U 10. Overdose 11. Back To The Love 12. It's Love (That I Feel) 13. Ready (To Love U)

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1. Never Gonna Break Up 2. Something That I Like 3. Zodiac 4. Is It Real Love 5. Sunday Night 6. You're Not My Girl 7. To the Top 8. Nothing 9. Guardian Angel 10. All My Love 11. I Choose You 12. When We Dance 13. Promise Not 2 Call 14. Rescue U

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