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Okay, a couple of things about Brian McKnight and it's not about his talk show (that no one watches) or his alleged bankruptcy. The one and only time I saw Brian McKnight in concert his opening act was New Edition (that's right I went to a concert with New Edition and Brian McKnight) needless to say I took a young lady. At any rate New Edition did what New Edition does how New Edition does it (not that I saw much of New Edition) and then comes Brian McKnight about to throw it down like Brian does. Seems standard right? BUT literally half the crowd left after New Edition performed leaving Brian to do his "chick show" for a half full Fox Theater. It literally went from people standing on their feet (and some on their seats) singing, dancing, in the groove to an intimate setting and  and they say the Apollo is harsh.

Here's my rant. You ready for my rant? (As if you have a choice) I have said it before about Musiq and now here comes Brian McKnight on the same shit, these damn song titles; I'm so Tiredofthisshit. Am I missing something? Is that the cool thing and I'm just out of the loop? How does this help anything? </rant>  (That's geek for "end rant")

Last thing on Brian McKnight and this one is about his album Evolution of a Man, well kind of. You know how R. Kelly was accused of molesting young girls? Well for me songs like 12 Play, Bump N' Grind, You Made Me Love You, Get up in a Room, that were MY JAMS just don't sound the same right? Now I think of Dave Chappelle and Pee On You am I the only one? So you know how Brian McKnight allegedly is a wife beater or is allegedly a wife beater (whichever is correct)? Well for me there are certain things that an alleged wife beater shouldn't say and for me Ibetchaneva kinda sounds like OJ Simpsons If I Did It reads. Check it out for yourself but I don't think lines like " I bet cha neva felt it feel like this", "I bet cha neva felt the touch", "She's telling you she had enough" should be shy'd away from and I have zero idea what that slap (I mean hand clap) is about. The horrible part is that it's one of the best songs on the album but sadly can't go on my list of "Business" songs at the risk of giving some poor girl flaskbacks. I'm not saying... I'm just saying.

1. The Brian McKnight Show 2. Justalittlebit 3. Ibetchaneva 4. WhatI'vebeenwaiting4 5. Whenurlovinme 6. Neversaygoodbye 7. Staytuned 8. Next2U 9. Imissu 10. Alwaysbemybaby 11. Babyit'su 12. While 13. Another You 14. Not Alone

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