Written by SIMY   
Thursday, 17 September 2009 14:06

SIMY has recently identified an issue with the way some files have been uploaded that could cause the error "File Corrupt Message" when extracting the .ZIP archive. Usually all but one or two files will extract and work fine but the archive will then be missing a file. SIMY has identified the error and will work to insure that no further files suffer this error but some existing archives may be have this file upload error.

It is important to know that the files themselves do not contain viruses but are ONLY incomplete .ZIP files therefore cannot be completely unzipped without an error, more about this error here. Recently this error was reported in K'Jon I Get Around, it has since been rectified and can be downloaded here, oddly enough the file that did not extract properly was The Ocean which is the song you most likely were looking for on that album. If you encouter this error on any file please use the Report Broken Link form a Report Broken Link URL is now added to every MYSIMYG post for your convenience.


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