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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 20:42

1970 , 1971 , 2009 , BACK JAM , FOLK

We have been listening to Sixto Diaz Rodriguez for literally years but we didn't have the thought to post it as a Back Jam because... Well you don't know who Sixto Diaz Rodriguez is?

If you are like us and you had heard of Rodriguez then you may have also heard that he committed suicide by setting himself on fire while performing on stage or that he had committed suicide some other way? Well now a movie about Sixto Diaz Rodriguez is out and was the talk of the Sundance Film Festival and a petition has been started to have Rodriguez awarded a Kennedy Center Honor. Currently there are three albums from Rodriguez in the top 10 of album sales. Enjoy!

Tuesday Back Jam
1. Sugar Man 2. Only Good For Conversation 3. Crucify Your Mind 4. This Is Not A Song, It's an Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues 5. Hate Street Dialogue 6. Forget It 7. Inner City Blues 8. I Wonder 9. Like Janis 10.Gommorah - A Nursery Rhyme 11.Rich Folks Hoax 12.Jane S. Piddy

Got a Back Jam that you'd LOVE to see posted Tell SIMY.

1. Climb Up On My Music 2. A Most Disgusting Song 3. I Think Of You 4. Heikki’s Suburbia Bus Tour 5. Silver Words 6. Sandrevan Lullaby-Lifestyles 7. To Whom It May Concern 8. It Started Out So Nice 9. Halfway Up The Stairs 10. Cause 11. Can’t Get Away (Bonus Track from 2009 Reissue) 12. Street Boy (Bonus Track from 2009 Reissue) 13. I’ll Slip Away (Bonus Track from 2009 Reissue)


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