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What's that? You never heard of the movie Laileh? That's strange, you must not be into porno from the 1970's?

Just for the sake of clarification Lialeh isn't just some Blaxploitation porn movie from the 70's... it's THE FIRST black porn film EVER! (That is to say ever played in a production mainstream.) This was made before porn films have no real plot and is an actual story is about a girl named Lialeh who wants to make it as a soul singer. Think Shaft and She's Gotta Have It thrown into a mix that is to Deep Throat what Carmen Jones is to Bizet's opera Carmen. You may not have seen the film but believe us that is a very good description.

As for the soundtrack Legendary drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie composed, produced and performed Lialeh's score, while between projects with Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, The Last Poets, The Rolling Stones and James Brown. To back him Purdie hired the cream of jazz and soul session players to work out their languorous rhythms, including horn players Seldon Powell, Garnett Brown and Jimmy Owens, bassist Wilbur Bascomb Jr, and Ernest Hayes on organ (with Horace Ott overseeing all arrangements). Can't get better than that right? Enjoy!

1. Lialeh 2. Touch Me Again 3. Conscious 4. Easy 5. All Pink In The Inside 6. Pass Me Not 7. Hap'nin'
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