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So here is another one of those times where we can't really pick a Back Jam. The first time we can remember hearing Juvenile was in college and everyone was playing Solja Rag and even before that when Betcha' 20 Dollars was a club hit. In the south you literally could not go out without hearing Juve.

The songs you probably know Ha and Back That Azz Up came in the very late 90's but those were very popular as well. We already spoke about the Juve D.J. Jimi situation so we won't go into that here but Juvenile has been around for awhile. We can actually remember going into clubs and hearing these early Cash Money artist performing. It wasn't a concert, they would just literally show up and perform their songs. People were so use to seeing them that it ended up being like the DJ was playing a remix and people just kept doing what they do in clubs (at least that's how it was to us).

We've been listening to Juvenile so long that we remember when the songs were Juvenile featuring Lil Wayne. Now? Juvenile is on the Young Empire label but we guess he is still a Hot Boy? Enjoy!









Juvenile - Rejuvenation
1. Rejuvenation 2. Power featuring Rick Ross 3. Can't Stop My Money 4. Mardi Gras 5. Lost My Mind 6. Imma Get Rich 7. Fall Back featuring Z-Ro & Trae Tha Truth 8. Bad Guy 9. Ahh Haa 10. I'm Yo People featuring Young Juve & Skip 11. Got It Like That featuring UTP 12. Still Here featuring UTP 13. Ain't What You Want 14. Toast to the Good Life




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